Ride 5Dev eCranks – Shimano EP8 – 165mm – Raw/ Polished


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Shimano eBike Motor Cranks from 5DEV

5DEV’s CNC’d Billet Cranks come in 3 sizes and include all the features of our standard cranks. 

Reduce rock strikes and pedal strikes. Improve performance through technical climbs and terrain with shorter crank lengths. 

Made in San Diego, California. 


Q FACTOR: 182mm When installed on Shimano EP8

LENGTHS*: 155, 160, 165mm

DRIVE: EP8 Spline Drive

MATERIAL: 7075-T651 Aluminum Billet Machined

WEIGHT: 440g 

Installation: Please get your cranks installed by an experienced eBike Mechanic. M6X1.0 bolts need to be tightened to 14N-m. Add Blue Loctite to each bolt and end cap. Check bolts after your first ride to make sure they are at the proper spec. 

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